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Cataract Exam - Queen Sirikit Hospital - The Good, the Bad, any other suggestions on places to go?


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I went earlier this month to Queen Sirikit hospital to inquire about Cataract Surgery.  I was very quickly attended to and after a modest series of eye tests I was told to make an appointment with the Ophthalmologist to discuss cataract surgery.  The nurse was very helpful and even gave me an appointment for approximately 3 weeks later, December 29.  

I arrived and the entire process was a bit confusing.  Though I had an appointment slip I was told I needed to return downstairs to register.  I did so and returned.  I was told to put my papers in a wall tray outside examining room 4 and wait.  Though it was some sort of queuing line there was really no way to tell where you were in line other than waiting to be called.  No number system. 


After a wait of approximately 45 minutes I was called and then told to get my blood pressure tested.  I did so and the self service machine printed out my BP.  I was then lost as to how to proceed and fortunately my Thai GF was able to inquire and we were told to place all the papers including the now stapled BP slip in other waiting bin.  This was the longest wait, almost two hours.  Back to examining room number 4 where I was told to go to the Laser room for testing.  That was quick only about 15 minutes staring at an orange dot and getting a print out again stapled to my papers and told to go see the doctor. 


The doctor asked a few questions, did a very thorough exam and told me to put my papers in a green bin and wait to be called.  After about 15 minutes a person came in and dilated my pupils and I waited for about 1 hour and then told to  go back to the the laser room for yet more tests.  This was very quick.  Just walked into the room, the nurse sat me in front of yet a different machine and scanned both eyes and then yet more paperwork printed, stapled to my package and told to go again to see the doctor. 

The doctor examined me again, and told me that cataract surgery for me was a choice.  My day vision was not that bad and that it was strictly the difficulties that I had with night driving and road glare that were a problem.  She said that if it bothered me to go ahead with the surgery, if I could put up with it just to live with the problem.  However, she said they were only doing surgery on people with severe vision loss and as such, I would have to go elsewhere to find surgery. 

Now the good.  I think the examination was very extensive, and the equipment very modern.  The cost was very modest only 2,090 baht for up to 6 hours of multiple people examining my eyes and running tests.  The bad.  The wait in one case two hours between seeing someone was certainly on the long side.  The poorest thing was why they made the appointment for me in the first place.  When I first went there in early December the nurse who tested me could certainly ascertain that I did not have significant vision impairment and I was inquiring about cataract surgery.  If the hospital was limiting surgery to only those with significant impairment why not tell me that at the first visit and instruct me to go elsewhere. 

I am wondering if anyone has done some research on where to go to get competent Cataract surgery at a reasonable price. 

Yes I know you can go to Rutinin, or Bangkok Hospital or Bumrigrad.  However those hospitals such as Bangkok Hospital Pattaya went from 22,000 baht for single vision lens in 2018 to now 72,500 baht and that is for the least expensive lens and does not include everything.


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Hi Longwood, I had cataract ops in both eyes 5-6 years ago. Unlike you I was through the procedure in about an hour. Met the consultant and he gave me my options, expensive glasses or corrective surgery. Cost 17000 baht per eye at his clinic in the gov hospital or 32000 at the Bangkok hospital where he also worked. I had to wait for the 6 week turnaround. That was 6 years ago best thing I've ever done, wore glasses for 39 years

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8 minutes ago, Geo said:

Hi Longwood, I had cataract ops in both eyes 5-6 years ago. Unlike you I was through the procedure in about an hour

I never got the surgery.  I got only the testing.  What was the doctor or hospital that you used.  Right now Bangkok Hospital Pattaya is 72,000 per eye and that is for the cheapest mono focal lens and does not include all of the doctor fees and testing.  This is up from 22,000 at BKK Pattaya in 2018. 

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