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News Forum - Does Thailand recognise legal gay marriage from other countries?


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Does Thailand care about civil partnerships or gay marriage? Does Thailand recognise legal gay marriage from other countries? When will parliament implement changes? Tim sits down with Benjamin Hart from Integrity Legal to talk about Civil Partnerships in Thailand.

The story Does Thailand recognise legal gay marriage from other countries? as seen on Thaiger News.

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Sorry to say it, but this seems a bit like the blind leading the blind.

As far as "like for like" is concerned with same sex marriage in Asia, Taiwan fully recognises same-sex marriage in all aspects and has done so since May 2019. 

Hong Kong has limited rights for residents, including same sex spousal visas since 2018 for those who have a civil union or same sex partnership registered abroad, and some same sex marriage pensions and tax benefits (adjudicated in the courts, not by legislation).

Vietnam allows British Embassies to perform and register British same sex marriages and Civil Partnerships in their embassies as long as one person is British and neither is Vietnamese, which Thailand does not, so a British and Thai couple could go to Vietnam to perform a Civil Partnership or same sex marriage which would be legal in countries that recognise them (but, as yet, not Thailand).

As yet, no aspects of a same sex marriage or civil partnership are legal under Thai law, including any inheritance entitlement - end of story. Any entitlement to inherit property is governed solely by the Will, or in the absence of a Will by Thai intestacy laws which don't include same sex marriage or partners.

The most recent progress on Civil Partnership in Thailand, which for some reason wasn't mentioned, was Cabinet approval for the Civil Partnership Bill on 8 July 2020, which is currently waiting to be listed in the agenda of the House of Representative Coordinating Committee prior to submission to the House of Representatives, Senate and Parliament respectively.


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Can't believe there's an overwhelming concern within these particular circles. 


Wonder if Thailand discriminants towards those with visible freckles on their right facial cheeks....?

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58 minutes ago, Rain said:

Can't believe there's an overwhelming concern within these particular circles.

I don't know any LGBT Thais for whom the partnership / same sex marriage per se is of any concern at all, although evidently for some 'activists' it's an understandable matter of principle.

For the others, though, it's about rights you can only have if there's some form of legal link - inheritance, tax, visitation rights (hospital or prison), and (for those with a foreign partner) spousal visa rights.

I just can't see Ben Hart's assumption that Civil Partnerships will be same sex marriages within eight years - there's just no grass roots interest or pressure for it.

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Lets see in order

10. Sudan—Political tensions amid regional drought and conflict 14.3 million in need 3 million displaced. 
9. Syria 14 million people in need 6.8 million physically displaced
8. Somalia 7.7 million in need 2.9 million displace

7. Myamar 14.4 million in need

6. Congo 27 million in need 5.6 million displaced
5. South Sudan 80% of country or 8.4 million people in need

4. Nigeria 8.3 million in need
3. Yemen 20.7 million people in need
2. Ethiopia 25.9 million in need
1. Afghanistan 24.4 million in need, millions displaced.

281 million people infected with Covid worldwide and 5.41 million deaths

56 people die daily in Thailand from traffic fatalities

25,000 people die daily from hunger

So now lets all focus on those "really important issues" like can I now introduce my same sex partner as my husband or my wife.  





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