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News Forum - Chiang Mai identifies 2 possible Omicron cases in tourists


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Two foreigners who are visiting Chiang Mai have tested positive for Covid-19 and are believed to have the Omicron variant, marking the first detected in the province. Both travellers had come through Suvarnabhumi Airport as part of the Test & Go programme and both passed an RT-PCR test. One visitor was a 22 year old German traveller and the other a 64 year old British man, according to the governor of Chiang Mai. Full confirmation of whether or not it’s the Omicron variant is expected to come back from the lab in 2 days. GERMAN MAN The 22 year old […]

The story Chiang Mai identifies 2 possible Omicron cases in tourists as seen on Thaiger News.

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Until, the cases are confirmed to be Omicron, this article only serves to disturb people. That it takes two days and sending the sample to Bangkok, is too slow to really do much good. It really has to be known within hours, so that those on the flights these guys went on and all their close contacts can be isolated. In reality though, it only takes one case... 

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Regardless of whether Omicron is more dangerous or less dangerous than Delta, I regret to say that I don't really trust the official numbers from Thailand.  I am convinced that Omicron is already much more widespread in Thailand than they officially announce.  On the one hand this has to do with the test strategy, on the other hand the government also has an interest in diverting attention from its own inability.  You can tell that only in the way every discovered case of a tourist is publicly denounced and every time it is made clear that only Farangs are responsible for these cases and national transmissions.  This is total window dressing.  When I see the Thai news, Farangs are more or less demonized again and again, as they will plunge the country into a new, never-before-seen wave.  On my side, I respect the Thai people and do everything I can to protect them and me.  I have been vaccinated 3 times, keep my distance, always wear a mask, also pay attention to hygiene and will get tested several times.  And yes, I have planned a trip for January and have an already approved Thai Pass.  However, I don't travel for tourist reasons, but to meet (Thai) friends I haven't seen for 3 years.  And yes, I am really thinking about going on this trip because I want to protect my friends AND I don't want to be seen as the evil Farang who contaminated the country with Omicron.

Oh, right, I forgot that of course it is only important that one Thai has fun in Bavaria and smiles at his fellow men. That's amazing Thailand....

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