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News Forum - Plan to land Thai cannabis on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list


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[Intangible: adj. Incapable of being perceived by the senses.] While some would call the effects of marijuana anything but intangible, the Ministry of Culture is planning to get Thai ganja on the UNESCO “intangible cultural heritage” list. The ministry claims that Thai cannabis has been used in all regions of the country as a herb, while locally grown weed has gained popularity abroad. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization maintains an esteemed list of world heritage sites, but also a list of intangible cultural heritage, which they define as “a practice, representation, expression, knowledge, or skill considered by […]

The story Plan to land Thai cannabis on UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list as seen on Thaiger News.

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Seems unlikely to be certified, but interesting idea. My brother was in the Navy on Westpac in the 70s, and use to tell me stories about "Thai stick" 😜... made me want to visit Thai even as a kid

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2 hours ago, Shade_Wilder said:


I remember Thai Stick VERY fondly from my youth.

Now, where's my car, Dude?

I surely hope so, but seems unlikely to be with anything good. So Amsterdam will remain as the King of Weed.

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4 hours ago, Thaiger said:

intangible cultural heritage” list.

Unfathomable more like .. they really need to look outside the rarified atmosphere of planet Thailand to observe that the ganja folk want is not the leafyness that they are labouring under the illusion that folk will be desirous of .. 

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