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News Forum - Soi Dog Foundation warns of dangers of sheltering amid distemper outbreak on Koh Kood


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The following is a press release from the Soi Dog Foundation. Soi Dog Foundation is warning against the unmanaged sheltering of stray dogs following an outbreak of canine distemper virus at a government-run facility on the island of Koh Kood in Trat province. Transmitted through direct contact and airborne exposure – namely sneezing, coughing and sharing food and water bowls – the virus swept the island in a matter of weeks. A total of 30 dogs have died and a further 100 have been infected as a result. Rather than impounding dogs with little forethought for their future care, the […]

The story Soi Dog Foundation warns of dangers of sheltering amid distemper outbreak on Koh Kood as seen on Thaiger News.

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I love all animals but let's just say if this virus became widespread on the mainland I could do without getting run at by so many dogs while jogging or riding my bike.

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I'd love it if this virus jumped the species barrier and infected all the Thais who didn't take care of their animals. And yes, that definitely includes my neighbour up the Soi! Bitch!

The stray dog problem is caused by Thais not spaying their animals, not taking care of their animals, not cleaning up their garbage and thus providing a food source for strays, and not giving a Rat's Ass about their animals unless they are able to somehow profit from the poor creatures.

The Thai stray dog problem in Thailand was caused by Thais; Thais needs to clean it up.

If GOD were a dog, we wouldn't have this problem. And, Thailand as we know it wouldn't exist; it'd be a nicer, better place.

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