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News Forum - Five year old girl shot dead while playing with her cousins in Kanchanaburi


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A five year old girl was shot and killed while she was playing with her cousins at the village chief’s house in Kanchanaburi. The girl was found lying unconscious in a pool of blood and a gun was nearby. Police are still investigating to determine who shot the child. The bullet had hit the girl’s left leg above the knee and went through her right leg. She was rushed to Chao Khun Phanomthuan Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The incident happened at about 1:20pm when the girl and her cousins had come home early from school. They went to […]

The story Five year old girl shot dead while playing with her cousins in Kanchanaburi as seen on Thaiger News.

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1 hour ago, JustaGuy said:

why is "village chief" allowed to have a gun

Read the article. It's explained there - "The Phanom Thuan chief investigator, Pol Lt Col Chaiyos Prutipongpanich, said the shotgun was state property for the village security force"

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4 hours ago, Thaiger said:

The bullet had hit the girl’s left leg above the knee and went through her right leg

Shotguns don't fire a "bullet".

A shotgun round at close quarters would have caused massive wounds to both legs for a five year old.

3 hours ago, atiger said:

Because he's a village chief, he'll get the option to hand over a brown paper bag to the corrupt police to avoid prison.

He didn't pull the trigger and wasn't there, so the worst he could be charged with is negligent storage, assuming he had / was provided with adequate storage. 

As such, and under the circumstances that he'd lost his daughter, a prison sentence would be unlikely here or anywhere else where weapons are permitted.

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11 hours ago, whitesnake said:


Sorry mate, but I have to comment on that.  In many western countries, best example is USA, there are many people and kids killed every year through gun accidents. It is totally unfair to make such a statement about Thailand because what happens in Thailand happens in many countries. May I suggest just turning down the pressure a little - it can be frustrating place - but it is much better overall than the western countries.  I do not include the Junta Govt or any of the elite/wealthy Sino-Thais in that statement - they are vermin.

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16 hours ago, palooka said:

Obviously kept loaded and unsecured, possibly little will come of it as it will be resolved by family rather than the police.

Not necessarily "kept loaded and unsecured".

It could very well have been both unloaded and secured, but the two boys aged six and seven could easily have unlocked it and loaded it as they were unsupervised.

It was almost certainly just a tragic accident in play that not only killed the little girl but will affect the two boys for the rest of their lives, and both families.

Thailand, sadly, has a gun culture and far too many guns far too easily available legally as well as illegally.

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