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News Forum - Don’t laugh! North Korea marks death anniversary of Kim Jong Il


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Have you ever been in that situation when someone tells you, “don’t laugh!” and then it’s nearly impossible not to? In North Korea, failing to stifle laughter this week could come with severe consequences, as officials announced a 10-day ban on laughter to mark the 10 year death anniversary of the previous dictator Kim Jong Il. Much like celebrations of joy and partying were banned in Thailand following the death of King Bhumibol Adulyadej 5 years ago, nationals of North Korea have reported that fun activities like laughing, enjoying leisure activities, or drinking booze have been banned for 10 days […]

The story Don’t laugh! North Korea marks death anniversary of Kim Jong Il as seen on Thaiger News.

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"There will even be a display of a flower named for the deceased dictator – the Kimjongilia".

Kimjongilia? Sounds like a particularly nasty STD.

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Information coming out of North Korea is scant, to say the least. My greatest concern in this, is the good people of North Korea, of which I'm sure there are many. I also hope for the day when Korea is reunited into one country and the heritage of the Kim's goes the way of Saddam Husien and Colonel Gaddafi!!!!

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For once Stonker got it right: Source Fox news..... Oh dear.

Getting Info about North Korea isn't easy but there is a .org website that gives a better glimbse of what's going on there> https://kcnawatch.org/

All other posters except Jason are a bunch of hypochrits that have simply been brainwashed by the w.media.

Let's not forget that officially the US is still at War with N.K. But there is hope on the horizon that this will change after 70 years. https://news.yahoo.com/north-korea-china-u-agreed-081214472.html?fr=sycsrp_catchall

This won't be easy and Re-Unification of both Korea's is as remote as Jupiter. The power blocks will prevent any move in that direction. Sad for the Koreans that were hoping for a german style re unification, bloodless.

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2 hours ago, Stonker said:

Source: Fox News.

Oh dear .....


Fox News articles often have a single line of reasoning with wide logical gaps that are supposed to be filled in by readers/viewers (according to the anticipated world-view of course). That herding process is then often concluded by a semi-rhetorical question (enforcing the belief that the suggested conclusion is not only self-evidently true but also as having originated from the reader).

As Fox News stories go, this one is quite tame, possibly even neutral.


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12 minutes ago, Faraday said:

"Calling Mr Jones. Will Jim Jones please come to aisle 10"


Quite appropriate. 

Jim Jones and associations.

Perfect reflective metaphor of the siwilai West. 🤫

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Look at it this way, all that tells me is the Land of Shxt is not far better than North Korea…same same but different; only disguised with a much more pleasant facade for “saving face”!

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