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News Forum - Night of drinking with a woman on the beach gets monk defrocked


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After a long day of work, there’s nothing wrong with sneaking off for a romantic night, perhaps some drinks on the beach with a date, right? Well, maybe not if you are a Buddhist monk. One monk from a famous Hat Yai temple learned the hard way that sneaking off for an alcoholic beverage in the company of a woman could land you in deep trouble. The holy man was busted when someone filed a complaint about his inappropriate behaviour which led to police sending a surveillance team to tail the monk on a night out. What they observed was […]

The story Night of drinking with a woman on the beach gets monk defrocked as seen on Thaiger News.

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"Night of drinking with a woman on the beach gets monk defrocked"

Hmm... given that they found a pack of condoms on him, wouldn't it be better to say that they were both 'de-frocked'?

I don't understand why anyone would be surprised about this kind of thing; celibacy is the most un-natural thing. Expecting people to go without for years at a time makes no sense and doesn't help the spiritual side, it just causes balls to turn blue and leads to frustration.

A man who just had some is closer to God than a man who has gone without.


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SHAME SHAME.... again another black sheep !

Abbott from temple needs to discuss this matter and find a method to scrutinize this issue in deep. 

Monk going out at Night in car, what is the work he has in the night ?

This guy is not at all a Monk, he is all day hunting for girls and hence could find a quick pick up, storing pack of condoms ! Corrupt Mind.

Yes, Of course in thailand to be a monk is hard, irresistible you find all the way of life around is " Sexy". 

Abbott did the right thing, what next the law can take action to such Adulterators ?


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