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News Forum - Fah Sai, a baby elephant, recovering after she was shot 10 times


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After poachers shot her and left her for dead, a baby elephant has had multiple bullets removed and is recovering now. The baby female elephant named Fah Sai (Thai for “Clear Sky”) was shot repeatedly by what authorities assume to be illegal poachers in the eastern province of Chanthaburi. Reports said the poor baby elephant stepped in a trap and became stuck. Hunters then shot her again and again. Veterinarians that are treating her now in Pattaya and report that they removed upward of 10 bullets from the elephant’s left leg. Fah Sai is now recovering from emergency surgery and […]

The story Fah Sai, a baby elephant, recovering after she was shot 10 times as seen on Thaiger News.

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I am not one to get mawkish about animals, but this story saddens me. 

Though it probably does not apply in this case, I can never get used to the concept that a heavily armed man, shooting at an animal from distance is a "Sportsman".

In my opinion, what would be sporting, would be to put the "sportsman" in a cage with a tiger, bear etc and give him a knife to take down his prey.

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Two things to take from this. Far Sai will be alive, long after the perpetrators are dead. Second, elephants never forget, so maybe the perpetrators will see her again when she is a fully mature elephant. If your one of the perpetrators, I'd run away now if I were you. She will trample you to death if she sees you. That's the curse of trying to kill an elephant. It's bad karma and it will come back to haunt you!

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