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News Forum - Virologist advises delaying dose 4 pending info on new variants, arrival of new vaccines


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Thailand’s top virology expert, Dr Yong Poovorawan, says people should delay getting a fourth dose of a Covid-19 vaccine until absolutely necessary. Yong advises holding off, pending further research into emerging variants and the development of second-generation vaccines. According to a Bangkok Post report, PM Prayut Chan-o-cha has told relevant agencies to prepare for the administration of a fourth vaccine dose from next year. Vaccine manufacturers are expected to employ new technologies for second-generation vaccines to combat Covid-19 mutations. Until then, Yong says there’s no need to rush into administering a fourth dose. Instead, officials should focus on getting as […]

The story Virologist advises delaying dose 4 pending info on new variants, arrival of new vaccines as seen on Thaiger News.

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The whole problem is that half the doses administered so far have been Sinovac or Sinopharm - mainly Sinovac.

51 million out of just under 100 million.

Some have been a double dose, some a single dose followed by a dose of AZ.

Take those out of the equation as they're ineffective, and you have maybe a third, possibly only a quarter, of the population double vax'd with AZ, Pfizer or Moderna.

Third and fourth boosters should go to those who need them, after three months, not just those who were fortunate / unfortunate enough to get a particular vaccine.

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Waaayyy ahead of ya', Yong. I've already delayed 1, 2, and 3.

Delaying 4 will be a breeze.

Besides, it's important in any critical drug trials to maintain a control group. In this case the control group is the non-vaccinated, of which I am a volunteer member. I'm following the science.

I would suggest we use the term 'non-vaccinated', as I am quite sure that once you have been vaccinated there is absolutely no way to un-vaccinate you. How could you suction/siphon it back out?

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So the silver haired silver tongued one has spoken! It would be better if his great wisdom was applied to ensuring that the government did not use near worthless vaccines in the first place, but no he actually supported this medical shambles. And so he along with others is guilty of leaving millions of Thai at risk from Delta let alone Omicron, and the taxpayer picking up the bill for what were expensive Chinese doses that need rapidly replacing with equally expensive mRNA vaccines that were readily available but ignored. So much for being an expert! Opportunist more like it. 

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