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News Forum - More venues in Thailand require proof of vaccination, or ATK test, at the door


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5 minutes ago, HighSo said:

I hope you will have a nice time in a digital dystopian world, being enslaved while thinking you are being free.

I will not miss you at all.

I do not care about health care systems, I never went to the doctor for the last 10 years, my girlfriend never went since like she was born.

We know that healthy organic food, sun, exercise and a good state of mind prevent chronical diseases like depressions, cancer, arteriosclerosis and so on. 

The only time I would visit a hospital is when I broke a leg in an accident or something like that. And then I will be better there than here. You do not remember the case from several months ago, of the 11 year old Thai girl, which was in the car with her father who made an accident? The legs of the poor little girl got ripped off and they just let her bleed out because they refused to take her into the hospital without the result of the Covid Test. It was all over the Thai Media.

One guy recently had a heard attack here in our place, he went to the hospital and again, even if he was double vaccinated, they let him die because they wanted to wait for the test result. And anyone should wonder if he might got the heart attack from the vaccine in the first place, as this is a common occurrence nowadays with these heart attacks, blood clots and strokes.


Dont get a vaccine then.

Just deal with the consequences of not getting one.

We really dont care.

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Topic locked as it’s gone off the rails.


“More venues in Thailand require proof of vaccination, or ATK test, at the door”

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