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News Forum - Desperate to hire nurses, hospitals and clinics in Singapore offer “finder’s fee”


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As the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the healthcare system in Singapore, the demand for nurses grows even as many have quit their jobs due to higher levels of stress and long hours duty to deal with the patients. For the first time in more than two decades, the number of nurses working in Singapore decreased in 2020 and the situation is significantly worsening this year. Following the shortage, hospitals and clinics are in such severe need of healthcare workers that at least one private hospital group is giving a “finder’s fee” of up to S$12,000 to those who can recruit […]

The story Desperate to hire nurses, hospitals and clinics in Singapore offer “finder’s fee” as seen on Thaiger News.

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All countries are now running short of trained nursing staff, and quite rightly soon they may have to start paying them what they deserve rather than what they can get away with, but I'm far from sure a 'finder's fee' is the best way to go apart from as a short-term solution.

The demands on nursing staff and ambulance drivers are just piling up, and they're the ones at the sharp end who end up being blamed for any problems, not the government or the bean counters.

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I presume that English would be an accepted language for this job. If so, Singapore might consider recruiting from the EU. The reason I mention this is that following the Brexit vote, many nurses from the EU, feeling unwelcome, returned home. At the same time, a NHS web portal that was used to recruit nurses from the EU, saw a 94% downturn in traffic.

I think that $12k might be better spent on relocation expenses from suitably qualified nurses. 

I've just seen that the average salary for a staff nurse in Singapore equates to about €2k a month, but there is also free accommodation, transportation and "other perks".

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