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News Forum - Thailand’s education system: Part 1 and 2


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Thailand’s education system is largely affected by political instability and an increasingly aging populace. As Thailand has seen many military coups, with the recent one occurring in 2014, the climate of political repression has curtailed academic freedom. The consequences are played out daily when Thai academics are forced to work under the constant threat of surveillance, political reprisal, and arrest. Political instability and an aging population The wide-reaching use of Thailand’s lèse-majesté laws and other legislation, has resulted in the jailing of many student activists who criticised the monarchy or the pro-military constitution. Thailand’s demographic decline is also having a […]

The story Thailand’s education system: Part 1 as seen on Thaiger News.

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Thailand’s formal education system has roots in the 13th century when King Rakhamhaeng the Great developed the Thai alphabet. As Thailand is among the few countries that was never colonized by European powers, its education system was developed mostly indigenously. Historically, commoners could receive an education at Buddhist monasteries, which is still offered today. During the 19th century, Thailand’s education system has been modernised in an effort to match that of the Western world. Many elements that exist today can be attributed to this era when the contemporary Thai higher education system modeled itself after the U.S. system of education. […]

The story Thailand’s education system: Part 2 as seen on Thaiger News.

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I just read both part 1 and part 2. What can I say? The article... ahem... er... uses many words.

The Thai Education system sucks; just say it.

Why does it suck?

It sucks because there is no responsibility, and because there is no responsibility, there aren't any repercussions for failure. And, because there aren't any repercussions for failure, the failure continues and continues and continues.

The students don't have responsibility and pass regardless. 

Teachers don't have responsibilities for their students learning, so they don't make the effort. Further, teachers' promotions and raises are based on things outside the classroom, so they don't care what occurs in the classroom.

Administrators don't have responsibilities for students learning/passing/doing well, so they don't care and focus elsewhere.

High-level bureaucrats face no repercussions for Thai students failing, so it isn't a priority; Bigger budgets are.

Political Ministers want to control the Education budget because it is large and loads of 'Goodies' are available, but don't care if students learn as that doesn't affect them.

The Failure Factory chugs on and on and on...

"Regardless, Thailand is addressing some of the education gaps that set it at a lower ranking than its neighbours. From political instability to a rapidly aging population, the future of Thailand’s education system depends upon actions taken to mitigate these effects over the long run." (last para, part 2)

Blah Blah Blah.

Another example of using words to say nothing.


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