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TAT re-confirms Phuket’s reopening date of July 1


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The Thai PM, and the CCSA, have confirmed that Phuket’s re-opening WILL happen on July 1. This confirms months of insistence that the plan will go ahead. The confirmation comes against a background of daily new infections in the country of over 2,000 and ongoing confusion about the country’s vaccine roll out. Saturday’s Thailand Covid report HERE. According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand announcement, people arriving in Phuket will need to be fully vaccinated, produce a negative test when they arrive in the province, along with another test on the fifth day of their visit, all at their cost. […]

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I would bet on two thi9ngs about this.

It wont happen very well - not many takers.

If it does happen - they will stuff it up.


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7 hours ago, Tim said:

not gonna happen, they will call off at the very last second.

Probably true.  But even worse than that:-- After suckers/people arrive they will have a few new Covid cases on the island and they will lock-down the island (no new arrivals) and impose a quarantine on all new arrivals (they caused it).  And/or:- People who arrive in Phuket and then immediately travel to other parts of Thailand (that was their plan) test positive for Covid and Phuket is locked-down by the Junta, and they impose a quarantine on all arrivals (and no new ones allowed). And/or:- so many other things that can go wrong.  I truly hope that does not happen and then Phuket becomes a total disaster for 1-2 years (no tourists).  But if 'they' think that vaccinating 70% of Phuket is going to stop new cases, or maybe even a new wave, they are dreaming/delusional.  If they do go ahead, then they should close the border and allow no one in or out that has not been vaccinated and tests negative (roads airports and boats). Phuket has a chance to do this correctly as they have enforceable borders - but if they think in Chon Buri or Chiang Mai that they can also follow that Phuket model, they are seriously wrong.  All it takes is an outbreak like the current one, and the Junta will shut things down - and tourists will cancel and demand refunds (and good luck getting that - people still waiting over a year for refunds). 


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Interesting and insightful comments, AussieBob . . . as per usual.

I guess, in a nutshell, you're saying 'problems probable!' and I can only agree. Tweaking or bending accepted protocols is bound to slap someone in the face, either locals, tourists or TAT big-knobs.

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Yes KC - too many variables for Thailand to control - for anyone to control in fact. All over the world the Govt vaccine rollouts are struggling to varying degrees.  Plus there is no science yet to show that they will actually stop the spread (the science says likely not), and how much they will actually slow the spread will only be measurable after 70+% are inoculated - and a 6-12 month assessment post that time.  Lots of hope - and I do hope that it all goes well - but I am planning for the worst (no travel outside of 'safe' Queensland until the pandemic is genuinely under control).  I see so much planning based upon when they think a lot of people will have received the vaccine - but in my opinion the planning should start once/when/if the vaccines are proven to work.  Like I said in another post, the Spanish Flu killed 50-100 million and lasted 2.5 years with 4 main 'waves' - I am planning for travel in May 2022. Hope it is sooner, but I am not planning for that.



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