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With the new announcement of Nov.1 opening, what will happen to the Covid extensions?


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Title pretty much says it.

The reopening will probably mean a change in the 60 day Covid extensions. Hopefully the November extension will remain but it seems like there is little reason for them to continue it. If anyone has any information about changes to the situation over the next few weeks , I think it would be useful for people to share and keep up to date. I'm currently in the process of obtaining a long term visa but I may need to use covid extension 1 more time as I wait.

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Why would it make a change to the 60 day Covid extensions.

Are borders reopening also?
Will the expected 1.5 million big spending tourists arrive before December?

If the answer is 'no' to the above two questions, why would they stop issuing 60 day Covid extensions.

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I dont think the tourists are coming back in any significant numbers, so that isn't really going to change the situation. I'm sure money is the most important thing right now , so everything probably will stay the same. The only reason I have any concern is if they expect tourist to come, wont they expect some to leave? If I have a passport that doesn't restrict returning and they aren't restricting travel, what is there the need for the extension? 

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I think some people will come, but the vast majority will nope out if they have to get a COE, negative test before and after flight and buy insurance...it's just a no for most travelers. Even if you did not have to jump through all those hoops a significant portion of the population are mentally broken by covid and so scared that they will not be getting on a plane and traveling across the planet.

Finally what happens when your test comes back + on arrival to Thailand, shoved into a quarantine situation for the rest of your holiday? F-that....

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