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FDA rejects blanket pfizer boosters


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Seems to me like a sensible and balanced decision. The report you quoted indicates the over 65 and vulnerable groups a definite yes as long as 6 months between shots.


It also says medical personnel etc in high risk can also get one under same circumstances. The rest they need more scientific research results as evidence to decide.

The first 2 are the groups who were given the earliest shots given and hence would make sense that they see them as more likely vulnerable at this time. They also seem to indicate they will review the increased data later when collated and appropriate, which again seems sensible.


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Seems reasonable, knowing what we know today.

However, as we have seen with this virus, mutations can drastically change the landscape and we might revisit this 3rd shot for everyone (or a modified booster to deal with variants) in the future, but that high risk categories; health problems and health workers should get the shot for the added protection they need.

I think it's sound reasoning.

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I am progressively coming to the opinion that the makers of Pfizer have shot their bolt despite achieving "full" approval outside of the emergency use classification.

Is it because there is growing realization that despite initial very high efficacy it dwindles rapidly?

Over marketed?

No mention of "upgrades" to cope with predominant variants despite the presence of them that exceeds development of a vaccine for the original?

It seems to my observation the AZ middle ground vaccine has survived disclaimers in opposition.

Where and when will the world see the results of hundreds of alternative vaccines proclaimed to be trialing? Buried  faster than the dead?




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