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Moderna vaccine for sale at Bangkok Hospital


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figured id make this post incase anyone was interested

i got an email from bangkok hospital saying they're selling moderna vaccines for 2022 q1, i ordered one as i figured i'd get a booster, although it's a long ways away, im quite young and healthy so I am not sure if i'd be eligible for any of the free vaccines in thailand, figured better be safe than sorry, worst case I get a free vaccine and my reserved moderna vaccine to a friend, heres the link.

[E-Coupon] Bangkok Hospital วัคซีนทางเลือกโมเดอร์นา (Moderna) ล็อต 2 | Shopee Thailand

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9 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

Looks like there is a little over 7k left on the platform and they are 1,650 Baht for a dose.  As a booster seems reasonable.

i was surprised it didn't sell out quickly 

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Same as I, I ordered 1 for myself, and for the GF, even though it does say they will not be available for about 6 months/March of 2022 is the date on the e-coupon. Maybe that is why it has not sold out as people are waiting to see about getting it free or getting the Pfizer for free. Anyway, I had my second AZ jab and 6 months from now would be booster time, at least in my view.  I hope it is a newer and updated version to cover different variants, much like the annual flu vaccine is.

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