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Covid fatality age data?


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I did not find any deaths by age data for COVID but Sweden and Thailand both have so far about 14500 victims.


I'd suspect the officials are keep this info from public because it would show the very low risk for people under 50, similar to influenza season. About 200 deaths out of 14600. They always only talk about the total number of deaths.

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4 minutes ago, BainaiThai said:

Here is the link to the WHO August report for Thailand...It includes an extensive report on persons over 60 including deaths and %.


Thanks. Here is a quote from that:

"An analysis of people who died because of COVID-19 in the week leading up to 18th August
showed that 63% of all deaths occurred in people aged 60 and above, although people of this
age constituted only 10% of the COVID-19 infections.

The analysis also showed that the case fatality rate among people aged 60 and above was 6%, whereas among those less than 60, it was only 0.42%. Another way of describing this situation, is that the likelihood of someone aged 60 and over dying of COVID-19 was 14 times higher than for someone below 60."

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Here the figures from the most recent Public Health England report on hospitalizations/deaths from the covid-19 delta variant.  Attached the full report, but here an excerpt from its Table 5 with some eye-opening data:

# deaths under 50 = 154 and over 50 = 1,644

# also the distribution vaxxed/unvaxxed in that +50 age category is tell-tale > unvaxxed = 437 and vaxxed = 1,207



346142481_SARS-CoV-2variantsofconcernandvariantsunderinvestigationinEngland-Technical_Briefing_22dd02Sept2021.pdf 2.52 MB · 1 download


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