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News Forum - Gaming stocks plunge as Chinese authorities protest “effeminacy”


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Gaming companies are taking a hit in the stock market as authorities in China have been cracking down harder and harder on their perceived negative effects in Chinese society. The government has already ordered them to limit how much gaming time children have, and have pushed back on things like obscenity, violence, money worship, and now the idea that video games are breeding effeminacy. The older generation of leaders within the Communist Party feel uncomfortable with a broader portrayal of men and masculinity and are calling on video games to curb it. They don’t want to see any representation of […]

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Sheesh, they are starting to sound like Christian Evangelists !

Coming soon to China: Only "state approved" games that glorify the Chinese Communist Party and their ideas of what "masculinity" is (as decided by a bunch of old, fat guys).

Reminds me of all the "choppy socky" movies that used to come out of Hong Kong in the 60s/70s. Many of them all had the same hidden messages meant to glorify the communist party ideals without actually mentioning them. Like when all the "good guys" (i.e. the "state") band together to defeat the one bad guy (whoever opposes the "state"). Then they all get together after achieving victory and mention that they did it "for the people" (ect, ect). 

It's basically subliminal propaganda. Similar to many of the war movies made in Hollywood. Remember how it was always the "Russians" who were the bad guys in the 60s/70s. Then it was "black guys". Then it was Asians. Then it was Muslims.
But the "good guys" (i.e. Western democracies) always win in the end.

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