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USA destroyed the last remaining CIA base in Afghanistan as its troops pulled out

Andrew Reeve

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Taliban commander Mullah Hasnain deliberates on; what is left of the last CIA facility in Afghanistan after America's longest war finished: shattered buildings, destroyed cars, and ammunition.

Hasnain, a leader of the Taliban's elite Badri 313 unit, remarked, we let them go peacefully, and look what they have left behind. "They destroyed everything before they left," he told journalists as he was shown around the site with Taliban guards displaying American M-16 rifles and wearing the latest military kit.

The Taliban concluded their stunning success by marching into Kabul on August 15 after a two-week blitz of Afghanistan. "We were there for nine or ten days," Hasnain, 35, added, speaking clearly in English, "There were a lot of explosions”. Hasnain pointed to a crater that he described as an "ammunition warehouse." There is nothing left but a heap of wreckage and twisted metal.

Islamic State-Khorasan, Afghanistan's branch of the jihadist organization and Taliban enemies had targeted people trying to evacuate the airport the day before. Hasnain gestured to another section, where dozens of containers piled high with hundreds of missiles. He told the media, "Please do not move the grenades."

One structure, a big games room with billiards, table football, darts, and soft velvet recliners, was still intact. The Snooker Club's sign was still displayed outside.

"Everything, including weaponry, is needed for the country; we do not have enough to provide security," he stated. A large number of planes and armored vehicles, as well as a high-tech defense system meant to stop rocket strikes, were crippled or destroyed by US soldiers at a nearby airfield.

"The United States arrived in Afghanistan promising to rebuild the country," he claimed. "This is their true face; they left nothing behind."

Source: News.com.au


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6 hours ago, billywillyjones said:

The CIA needs to be disbanded.  

But ar'n't they the "World's Policmen" really their undercover murderers  so hence will never be disbanded ?

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On 9/8/2021 at 8:57 AM, gummy said:

But ar'n't they the "World's Policmen" really their undercover murderers  so hence will never be disbanded ?

I think of them as something obscene beginning with 'C' In America.

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Not many members on this thread.     I try not to even read about what happens in the world.... as I am about the biggest cynic of all.     It is just too much to believe sometimes.

I guess the New York Times is a credible source ?      I stumbled on this article.   i will not comment.


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