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News Forum - Heavy rains in Pattaya bring some fun but also casualties


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The rains that have been battering Pattaya over the weekend have come with a light side and a dark side. Many locals were seen finding the silver lining in the heavy rains, having fun going with the flow, sometimes literally. But for others, the rains turned deadly. The rain caused floods on streets and neighbourhoods, dumping water into people homes and damaging or washing away their possessions, and causing traffic back-ups with several vehicles overtaken and stranded with rushing water. After downpours flooded many parts of the Pattaya area, some locals and expats were spotted breaking out their rafts and […]

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The reality is, we need these rains, and more of them.

The reservoirs have been at extremely low levels for a couple years now. We had water pressure reductions and cut-offs last year, even though there were no tourists, because we didn't get the normal volume of rain from the monsoons.
Every time I go past Mabprachan I shake my head at how much "land" is visible that normally would be covered with water. 

Had the hotels/bars/restaurants and other businesses been open and the city full of tourists, it would have been a full blown crisis instead of an annoyance.

The rains these last couple of days are what we used to get on a regular basis every year between April and November. 
I used to park the bike and give up on travelling because it rained so often during that period. The news would be full of stories about various parts of the country flooding and Bangkok flooding and the Chao Praya overflowing.
(Flooding in Pattaya was just an "everyday" event it seemed.)

Fortunately the rain right now isn't heavy enough to cause flooding, but should do wonders at filling the reservoirs as the ground was already soaked from the heavy downpour at the beginning.

But it will take a lot more of this between now and November to get them back up to full capacity. Which will be needed if they do start letting tourists back in starting in October (right before the "dry season" starts).

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So what was the point of those massive road works over the last 2 years installing huge new storm drains under Pattaya’s roads?  An hour’s heavy rain and we just get the same old problem.

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I will not be standing in that water.. full of rats... aagghhhh, well at least it shows and proofs that the mayor of pattaya did not do anything good besides probably, keeping himself some of the funds for that project 

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