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News Forum - Police bust gang that allegedly transported migrant workers


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A gang that allegedly took Laotian migrant workers from Bangkok to the northeast of Thailand has been busted. The Chief of Immigration, Sompong “Big Oud” Chingduang told the media about the bust. The gang is reportedly called “Jay Wan”. Multiple sources had reported JW’s alleged illicit behaviour. According to Thai media, the JW gang had the workers book their transportation through Facebook. The workers were also provided the times to meet taxis and vans using Facebook. Using the vans and taxis, the migrant workers were brought to a patch of land in Bangkok that serves as a vehicle repair yard.  […]

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If only Chief of Immigration, Sompong “Big Oud” Chingduang would be equally hard on his super corrupt immigration agents on the border, who are making fortunes, selling the Covid plague to their own people, by allowing infected Burmese to enter Thailand for a payment, things might start to return to normal. 

Your department is not exactly something to be proud of. You could be doing so much better, on so many levels.

And fair is fair, right? Not really fair to pick on the gangs, and let your own gangs operate with impunity. This is known as gross malfeasance, and a spectacularly heinous level of corruption allowed by you, and taking place within your ranks. Shame on you for your continued charade. You are fooling nobody! You are part of the problem, not the solution not so big Oud!

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If the borders are closed, how are these people getting in?  The answer is pretty simple.  Corruption is everywhere and nobody is doing anything to fix it.  Like many other problems in Thailand, it is probably way too late.  Whoever is in charge at these borders should be removed and charged.  No wonder they can't control the virus with so much corruption!!!

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