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Government delays purchase of antigen tests following quality concerns


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The planned purchase by the Government Pharmaceutical Organization of 8.5 million antigen test kits, which cost 70 baht each, has been delayed as the quality of the tests has come into question. The permanent secretary for health and GPO chairperson, Dr Kiatiphum Wongrajit, said today that “an organisation” had mentioned concerns about the quality of the tests in the media. Thus, the GPO/FDA will thoroughly check the tests first. Dr Kiatiphum had previously requested the GPO urgently get 8.5 million antigen test kits to allow the hospital to perform initial Covid tests. The hospital, plus the National Health Security Office, […]

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They were so happy to have a bid below their original number, that they jumped at it...70 baht.

A rapid antigen test kit can be purchased online for €4.79, if you buy in packages of 10.

India is using kits, made in South Korea, that cost $6.33 each.

How the hell would anyone think that a Thai company could do it for a little over $2.00?

Idiots, the lot of them.

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Yes but it's 70 baht if you order 8.5 million not 10.

However my local pharmacy are asking 350 baht but BEWELL the clinic are asking 1,500 baht !!!!!


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Government delays purchase of antigen tests, following quality concerns

The quality of their money, I shouldn't wonder. Vaccines and now, test kits . . . there's always something that needs this govt's quality approval, always something to slow down the urgently needed testing and vaccinating programmes. And does it look like they're concerned and bending over backwards to get round these supposed quality issues? No, not in my books.

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The reason of the delay is simple. Less tests, less covid problem. 

 Why Thai has an almost constant number of infections while in all other countries infections first grow quick doubling up every two weeks , then going down? Because Thai has as many infections as they make tests. Almost every one tested have covid.

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