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Goverment mulls amnesty bill to protect “medical officials” from legal consequences


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30 minutes ago, Jackeee said:

Unfortunately, Thaiger and almost all "news" organizations have done a major diservice to the people.  Singing from the narative song sheet can curry favor with tptb but do not expect any real journalism, let alone investigative journalism.  Where are all the dead and dying?  Have there been any autopsies?  What were there co- morbilities?  How to verify numbers in jail of this case-demic?  Do you just take everything the "Situation room" states at face value and wirhout question?  WHO disavowed pcr testing as the test provided a majority of false positives, why havent you reported this?  What is the cycle threshold of covid test here.  WHO  states it should be no greater than 28 cycles.  Why are treatments that have been tested and effectively proved, like ivermecton, being disparaged here, and yes there have been peer reviewed studies.  Your enthusiastic stories on the "vaccine" has no foundation.  IT IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE EXPERIMENTAL GENE THEARAPY.  But your lack of digging into adverse reations to this "jab" is more telling.  This brings us full circle to imunity from criminal prosecution.  Why would this even be neccessary and from what possible criminal actions.  Nuremburg 2.0 comes to mind and your "news" network will bear the weight of conscience for a job bordering on criminal.  OTHERWISE CALL YOURSELVES ENTERTAINMENT SO YOU CAN SKIRT ALL RESPONSABILITY IN THIS WAR ON THE MASSES.

That's one 'monster' of a debut post, with so many points coming clearly straight from the heart. Thanks for that . . . there's plenty of food for thought there, which is exactly what the forum thrives on.

Hello, Jackeee and welcome to Thaiger Talk

Please feel free to tell us a bit about yourself in 'Introductions'. It's good to pick-up on those sometimes differing regional or geographical perspectives.

And check-out the Guidelines, too, when you get a free minute. They're there to help us all enjoy our time here.

Happy posting

King Cotton

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