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Countries requiring vaccine passports for vaccines that do not work! Maddening!


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The Iceland head doctor in charge of the Covid pandemic there said that the herd immunity cannot be achieved by vaccines alone. The vaccinated and the un-vaccinated spread the virus equally effectively.

The vaccine only prevents somewhat becoming seriously ill of current widespread Covid variants but the long term side effects are unknown. Add to that the recent revelation the vaccine companies vaccinated their own placebo groups! In other words there is no comparison data anymore.

Also the vaccines could misdirect the virus evolution to more dangerous variants instead of milder and milder versions because it is fighting a two front battle now: Finding new people to infect but also against the vaccines themselves. What I understand that is not so much of a problem when only limited vaccinations but when whole nations are vaccinated, the potential for new mutations because of the vaccine explode.

This is all so maddening clusterf***.

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