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News Forum - Pattaya introduces beach zoning to improve water tourism safety


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Pattaya City and the Pattaya Marine Department are taking steps to revitalise the Pattaya Model plan to better regulate water tourism activities in Pattaya Bay. The initiative aims to enhance marine safety by implementing crucial zoning measures. Pattaya Mayor Poramase Ngampichet and Director of the Pattaya Regional Marine Department, Ekkarat Kantaro, discussed these plans in a … …

The story Pattaya introduces beach zoning to improve water tourism safety as seen on Thaiger News.

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Every year every month every week every day - more delusional talk about making things safer and better in Thailand. But they never work, because as we all know the actual aim of the talk is a PR exercise, and any new rules and laws will be ignored because they are not enforced. TiT and it is now feeling the pinch at last from decades of sweeping under the carpet all the problems/issues for fear of upsetting anyone, especially the powerful rich people.  Thailand seems to me to be stuck in a rut - going round and round - when what is required is a complete reset of the rules, the laws, and the institutions.  That was coming - but those 'powerful rich' people stopped Pita becoming PM and then stopped MFP from forming Govt and now they are trying to get Pita and MFP banned.  Thailand is at a nexus point IMO - either this is sorted and done now - or their 'rut walking' will continue as the economy and social order decline more and more. Eventually this current system will break IMO - those in control better wise up and get things changed soon or the 'break' will be massive and probably result in their own demise.  They cant shoot people anymore - they cant do any more coups - because either of those things will result in Thailand becoming like Myanmar's economy as the global community will respond extremely negatively. 

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More 'sound bite' politics to make it seem like they are in control and can be bothered to deal with these issues which will result in nothing more than maybe an increase in bribe money by those flouting the law to be allowed to continue.

"By introducing these measures, Pattaya City aims to create a safer environment for both tourists and residents, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beautiful waters of Pattaya Bay without safety concerns."

I presume this means they will also be stopping the water pollution that is largely unchecked then? No, thought not!

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