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News Forum - Thailand’s transgender rights echoed by Pheu Thai Party


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Efforts to champion transgender rights in Thailand have gained momentum, with Paetongtarn Shinawatra, leader of the Pheu Thai Party, endorsing a push for legal recognition of transgender individuals. This initiative aligns with Thailand’s aspiration to host World Pride by 2030, showcasing the nation’s commitment to equality and inclusivity. At a recent event held at the … …

The story Thailand’s transgender rights echoed by Pheu Thai Party as seen on Thaiger News.

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There is no need for foreign NGOs to push for trans rights in Thailand, of all places in the world. Their status in Thai vs Anglophone societies, reflects broader cultural differences. Not least that Western trans priorities such as 'gender identity' and 'gender expression', have very little to do with the Thai kathoey, in either concept or reality.

For example, no one 'comes out' as kathoey. Kathoey are identified before they have self awareness of their status, at some point prior to their pre-teens. No one claims the Mathieu are literally real women, but that they have an ambiguous status, one leaning heavily toward female.

No one can choose such a congenital status. It's unsurprising then that changing self-ID is a low priority, given Thai thinking on the matter.

Western ideas about trans are culture bound, and the bad kind of globalist, but people fail to respect that. People can change gender ID in the UK, but without medical diagnosis - only a self report, to affirm subjective identity. This is the opposite of the kathoey.

In fact if it's possible, at all, to identify kathoey with trans, it's only because the latter word is so vague, it can mean anything and nothing.

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Posted (edited)

Again with the same sex unions. This idea used to be a joke in the West, until later than year 2000. This sort of thing is very culture bound, and globalizing it ignores that Thai people have their own attitudes towards homosexuality.

For a bit of context, although Buddhism is not uncritical of homosexuality, this criticism always comes in a broader context of anti-lust. And the societies of Southeast Asia, never were as hostile to homosexual acts, as were Europeans.

So it takes the piss, when someone says, that indigenous Thai ideas and values on the subject must be replaced by Western ones. People might not think of this as racism and ethno-masochism, but it is.


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