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Sweden has not been in the news much lately and there is a reason for that, as their daily covid deaths have been hovering at around 0 to 2 since mid July, and that without any of the draconian restrictions that other countries have been imposing. Attached below an interesting article about those ‘crazy Swedes’ that did not succumb to covid-panic and were vilified for it. But the data seem to prove them right after all. Note that the links in the article are in-active, but the full article with active links is available here > https://www.biznews.com/health/2021/07/26/sweden-covid

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Sweden daily Covid deaths hit zero, with human liberty still intact

26th July 2021 by Nadya Swart

In early 2020, as countries across the globe locked down one by one – the almost infectious domino effect stopped abruptly with Sweden, which never imposed any strict lockdown restrictions onto the country’s citizens. Initially, the country was severely criticised for its laid back and reckless approach to Covid-19. The unusual strategy adopted by Sweden was seen as a cautionary tale by mid 2020, as the country grappled with a higher Covid-19 death toll than it’s Nordic neighbours. However, one year later – this ‘unusual strategy’ appears to have been the best way to approach the pandemic. Apart from the fact that, last week, data showed that the 7-day rolling average for Covid deaths was zero, Sweden will not be faced with the immeasurable cost to human liberty that nations who have been under strict lockdown measures will be confronted with eventually. One such cost is the increase in suicidality and depression among youth – as explained in the video in this article which contains Senate Testimony on child suicide and lethal lockdown consequences. The Swedish government repeatedly described the pandemic as “a marathon not a sprint”, arguing that its measures are designed to last in the long term. As South Africa emerges from yet another strict lockdown which derailed countless businesses, yet again, one cannot help but wonder how the situation may have been different had the country followed the same approach to the pandemic as Sweden. This article was first published on Foundation for Economic Education. – Nadya Swart

Daily COVID deaths in Sweden hit zero, as other nations brace for more lockdowns

By Jon Miltimore*

Sweden isn’t in the news much these days. There’s a reason for that.

More than 100,000 people flooded streets in France over the weekend and multiple COVID vaccination centers were vandalised as opposition grew to the government’s most recent pandemic strategy. In President Emmanuel Macron’s latest incarnation of lockdowns, government officials have decreed that unvaccinated individuals will no longer be allowed to enter cafes, restaurants, theaters, public transportation and more.

Needless to say, people were not happy.

France’s approach is unique, but it’s just one of many countries around the world imposing new restrictions as fears grow over a new variant of COVID-19. Australia’s recent restrictions have placed half the country under strict lockdown—even though a record 82,000 tests had identified just 111 new coronavirus cases—while restaurants in Portugal are struggling to survive amid newly imposed restrictions.

One country not making much news is Sweden.

Sweden, of course, was maligned in 2020 for foregoing a strict lockdown. The Guardian called its approach “a catastrophe” in the making, while CBS News said Sweden had become “an example of how not to handle COVID-19.”

Despite these criticisms, Sweden’s laissez-faire approach to the pandemic continues today. In contrast to its European neighbours, Sweden is welcoming tourists. Businesses and schools are open with almost no restrictions. And as far as masks are concerned, not only is there no mandate in place, Swedish health officials are not even recommending them.

What are the results of Sweden’s much-derided laissez-faire policy? Data show the 7-day rolling average for COVID deaths yesterday was zero (see below). As in nada. And it’s been at zero for about a week now.


Even a year ago, it was clear the hyperbolic claims about “the Swedish catastrophe” were false; just ask Elon Musk (also see: here, here, and here). But a year later the evidence is overwhelming that Sweden got the pandemic mostly right. Sweden’s overall mortality rate in 2020 was lower than most of Europe and its economy suffered far less. Meanwhile, today Sweden is freer and healthier than virtually any other country in Europe.

As much of the world remains gripped in fear and nations devise new restrictions to curtail basic freedoms, Sweden remains a vital and shining reminder that there is a better way.

Source: https://www.biznews.com/health/2021/07/26/sweden-covid



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It probably doesn't hurt that over half the population is fully vaccinated: https://www.thelocal.se/20210729/more-than-half-swedens-adult-population-is-now-fully-vaccinated-against-covid-19/ or that they have the 16th highest number of cases/M (108K/M) of all countries resulting in a higher-than-average level of "natural" immunity. Plus Delta hasn't made any country-wide incursions yet. Plus they've got a world-class health system so the system was never stressed to breaking.

Sure, Sweden is an outlier and a success story for sure. But 1.4K deaths/million (firmly in the center of the pack of countries) is still not stellar performance. The only things they did differently from the rest of the world is not impose mask mandates and did a better job at getting a shit-ton of people vaccinated. The result of which is a disproportionately high number of cases and deaths pre-vaccine and steady improvement once the vaccines became available, mostly mRNA stabs early with some AZ, now exclusively mRNA.

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Sweden did the least in terms of restrictive measures.  Businesses were not locked down, quarantines not imposed, masks were not not mandated.  

Its "rate per million" of Covid infections is virtually identical to neighboring Estonia, and Lithuania which imposed the EU protocols. It is lower than the Netherlands who also imposed the strict EU restrictions.  These figures are from the beginning of the Covid pandemic and don't reflect just the more recent numbers after vaccines.

Bottom line, the draconian measures do little to nothing to stop the spread.  Why should that surprise anyone.  Despite vaccines, on average 9% of the world's population catches the flu each year.  But somehow there are people who believe this time will be different and Covid can be stopped. 

At most, the lockdowns, quarantines, and mask mandates etc. kick the can down the road.  Instead of catching covid this week, you get it next week, or next month.  Vaccines will help reduce those numbers but it is foolish to think that it will ever be zero or anything close to it. 

At one physical my doctor asked how I was feeling.  I said ok but I had a cold.  He said, well I could give you some medicine for it and it will go away in about 2 weeks or you can just let it run its course and it will go away in about 14 days.   Sweden seems to be evidencing exactly that. Covid is just running its course. 



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Remember the numbers of fatalities were almost same last year in Sweden this time of the year and after all swedes got back from vacations around Europe it went off again in late August /September with high fatalities ,let's hope now after we're many more vaccinated in Sweden that it will show us better numbers this Autumn and winter .Down you can see the numbers of vaccinated in Sweden yesterday counted accorded to our officials department for health.


2021-08-03 6 433 921 78,6 4 266 100 52,1


78,6% has got the first jab and 52,1% got 2 jabs .

Go Sweden go :)

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Denmark seems to have found their sanity...

A rational point of view:

"The fact that the so-called Covid-19 vaccines, according to the official approval documents of the EMA and the European Commission were not developed and approved for the prevention of infection with the SARS-COV-2 virus, but solely to prevent a more severe course of the disease, were conditionally approved for this reason alone, Holzeisen underscored. The official approval documents therefore show that these substances cannot interrupt the chain of infection because the people treated with them can become infected and thus be infectious. Practice also proves that people who are completely “vaccinated” become infected with the virus and even have the same viral load as “unvaccinated people” as the CDC, among others, has admitted. It is therefore clear that any Covid-19 “compulsory vaccination” actually lacks any justification."


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Why Does No One Ever Talk About Sweden Anymore?

One of the most consistently repeated trends of COVID has been the premature declarations of victory from areas with a perceived level of “success” in “controlling” the pandemic.

It’s happened in countries all over the world — Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Mongolia — just to name a few examples. They all have been praised for their ability to “control” the virus with masks and public health measures, only to then see cases invariably skyrocket.

Incompetent media reporting and dangerously ignorant “expert” pontifications have been an infuriatingly persistent aspect of COVID messaging, with their incoherent ravings becoming increasingly desperate as time wears on.

On the flip side to inaccurate praise, the incomprehensible inability of experts to get anything right is perhaps best exemplified by Sweden.

“Experts” and the media declared Sweden was the world’s cautionary tale, a dangerous outlier who shunned The New Science™ of masks and lockdowns and stuck to established public health principles and pre-pandemic planning.

Over much of 2020 and into 2021, Sweden was persistently criticized by the media and on Twitter arguments due to comparisons to their neighbors, a standard curiously not applicable to most other countries around the world. Yet as we’ve progressed further into 2021, those same media outlets have suddenly gone quiet as their chosen victors have flailed unsuccessfully against ever increasing outbreaks.

So let’s see what’s transpired recently which resulted in the deafening silence, and examine what that means for The Science™, shall we?.........

Read further here > https://ianmsc.substack.com/p/why-does-no-one-ever-talk-about-sweden?r=kt9k9&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&utm_source=copy

> Thanks to @WaccineChinawatiiRaporn for posting this in another thread.


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The problem with Sweden in my view is down to a couple of things. The first, when they are compared to their bordering countries of Denmark, Norway and Finland, the alleged success in numbers doesn’t show as well as some other quoted examples.

 There have been some comparisons with Denmark which is connected I understand to Sweden by a bridge, but Finland and Norway less so and both of these share a common border. Does the Covid-19 virus even recognise a line on a map!

 The following data is downloaded from https://ourworldindata.org/covid-cases?country=SWE~DNK~FIN~NOR

 Anyone can do this and then compare countries. So that is what I did. The only data left out from the cumulative data table downloaded was the individual daily statistics, and columns where data was not supplied from countries, so as to allow a fair comparison.

 For example,


The Gold colour indicates highest and the green least.

 In my opinion, Sweden doesn’t show well in these figures, with a substantially higher case load and deaths per million of population.

 Sweden has often been referred to as a country with less restrictions. But people may feel that Sweden is not so reflective of what people thought it was trying to be. It did change its method and introduce levels of restrictions that some times were more restrictive than the countries bordering them as can be seen in the following chart.




Conclusion. Sweden may have once been the bastion of freedom against Covid-19 that it was announced as. However, to me my impression is that the results don’t seem now to be as good as what is being said and the country has chosen, like so many others, to change its methods over time to combat.

Hence, to me, this is why it is not being talked about so often.

 Personally, I wouldn’t use it as an example. The data is more and more less supportive of such claims. But choose what you want and make your own claims to support your arguments.

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