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News Forum - Flight fright: Air Canada-Thailand flight detours to Hong Kong as passenger falls ill


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An Air Canada flight destined for Bangkok was forced to make an emergency diversion to Hong Kong after a passenger fell ill onboard. The Air Canada Boeing 787, which operates flights between Vancouver and Bangkok, declared an emergency on February 4, prompting its redirection to Hong Kong. Flight AC65, a routine scheduled service, is typically … …

The story Flight fright: Air Canada-Thailand flight detours to Hong Kong as passenger falls ill as seen on Thaiger News.

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One of the hardest 'emergency' decisions you ever have to make as an airline Captain is a medical divert.  There is no check list for medical emergencies; guidelines yes, but each case is different and it is never a instant divert decision. Hopefully, a medical Doctor on board can help a lot, or an experienced Nurse or Paramedic, but ultimately, it's the Captain's call. The Captain not only has the sick passenger to think of, but he/she/them is answerable for all the others on the aircraft and the considerable cost involved, to the Company. He/she/them also has to consider the destination divert airport.  There are many airports in the World that I would not have diverted to for medical reasons because of the risk to all the passengers and crew. I hope the pax was okay and I hope that Air Canada is appropriately supportive of the Captain's decision. 

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That's my regular flight these days


I'd say getting there a bit under 4 hours late after being diverted is not the end of the world.....


Good job Air Canada, who I don't think is that great and my refuses to fly, even opting for a connecting flight over their direct flight


But they did good this time

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