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News Forum - Thailand’s economic growth falls short of projections amid potential crisis


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The pace of Thailand’s economic recovery slackened last year, falling short of the official predictions, as disclosed by government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke. This could increase the likelihood of the central bank considering an early easing strategy. Chai revealed today, January 23, that the Thai economy only expanded by 1.8% last year, a drop from the … …

The story Thailand’s economic growth falls short of projections amid potential crisis as seen on Thaiger News.

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Why is no one in Thailand talking about a big reason why the Thai economy is still failing - the exchange rate of the Baht against most other currencies.  After the Junta took over the Baht was forced higher - some say to help pay for their military purchases and to make imports of Mercedes etc cheaper.  It needs to come down by a long way to make Exports and Tourism cheaper - but some say they wont do that because it would make the repayments of loans taken out by the wealthy more expensive. 

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Thailand's economy isn't going to begin being "strong" until the government stops relying on tourism as it's main instrument of reviving the economy. The current government has thrown their weight behind no-visa travel that will eventually bite it in the back pockets.

Education, training, infrastructure (not that ill-thought-out land bridge scheme) will be the instruments for rescuing the Thai economy and giving its citizens something meaningful to compete with other nations' workers and products.

Understanding what soft power actually is and allowing it to flourish and become valuable would also be a major step in the right direction.  This government hasn't a clue to what soft power is and how it can be promoted and used to benefit the nation.

It doesn't appear the economy is actually in a crisis, as the PM keeps bleating, but it could be performing better if he and his government were doing a better job.

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