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News Forum - Fugitive child sexual abuse offender reveals bribery plot to escape justice


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German media uncovers a dark tale of child sexual abuse in Thailand, where a suspect spills the beans on his desperate bid to escape justice by using bribery. The story kicks off in Thailand, where a notorious foreigner involved in child sexual abuse was arrested. The Thai authorities held a massive press conference to announce … …

The story Fugitive child sexual abuse offender reveals bribery plot to escape justice as seen on Thaiger News.

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"As the Thai authorities block access to the incriminating clip, the nation finds itself in the dark about the heinous act"

"Thai authorities" trying to hide evidence of the massive widespread corruption within the Royal Thai Police. I wonder why?

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New is only, that people talk about.

So many "offenders" of serious crimes could bail themself out of prision, but also still held their passports.

Which seems to be intentional, cause as soon they leave the country, the bail is lost. That might be the reason, why there's no flag on immigration computers for them.

So no need, to swim over a border river to another country, just catch a flight out.

TiT, and as long no one is questioning the wealthy lifestyle from simple civil servants without "big" family money background, it will still be TiT.

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This news is only temporary....once another major hot news surface, this will subside eventually. As my late primary school teacher used to say that a severe head-ache can always overtake other ache in the body. What happend to the rider who killed an innocent Dentist at pedestrian crossing? And one can ask many more "What happens......" It will be a never ending story in developing countries. It do happens in some developed countries. What about all those killings and shootings by police on the black people in the US?.....nothing will happen. 

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