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Went for my Astra Zeneca Shot Yesterday in Bangkok - Very Smooth


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I was lucky and was able to sign up as an over 60 and receive an Astra Zeneca vaccine yesterday at Pythai 2 in Bangkok.  Hospital provided parking, was a bit confusing finding the right floor in building B then finding the correct registration desk.  You handed your passport to registration and were asked to sit in a waiting area with others.  That process for whatever reason took approximately 30 minutes.  They returned gave you a sheet of paper to answer about your medical history.  When you returned that, they put a sticker on your shirt and took you to a small waiting area to receive the shot.  That process less than 10 minutes.  You were required to sit for 15 minutes to observe any side effects.  You were then called to receive your vaccine certificate and the date of the second appointment.  Parking was validated.   

The only thing somewhat unnerving was the fact that the waiting area for receiving your passport back was a pretty condensed area with at least 50 people sitting in chairs right next to each other.  I thought, well if I have not been exposed to Covid 19 virus in the past, I probably sure have now. 


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3 hours ago, Fester said:

Well done anyway, when is you next appointment? 

They have me down for October 15.  If by chance a shot of Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra Zeneca comes up first I will opt for that. I suspect they are spreading out the second doses because of the limited supply of Astra Zeneca vaccine.  I found it interesting everyone after receiving their sheets went to the same waiting room.  There were 3 doors with two of the having a sign overhanging saying that they were being vaccinated with Sinovac.  There were a significant number of both Thai's and Chinese.  The third room adjacent to it was the one I and other older people were taken to.  We were given Astra Zeneca but there was no sign above the door to broadcast that.  

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