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News Forum - New Thai PM, Srettha, vows to elevate Thai well-being, royal PM appointment postponed


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The newly elected Prime Minister of Thailand promised to elevate the well-being of the Thai people after yesterday’s Parliament meeting to select a new PM. However, the scheduled royal ceremony for the installation of the new PM at 8pm encountered a delay. During the Parliament meeting to select a new PM, the Pheu Thai Party’s … …

The story New Thai PM, Srettha, vows to elevate Thai well-being, royal PM appointment postponed as seen on Thaiger News.

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The new face of  evil. Get to know it. It will soon adorn posters everywhere as  all hail the new PM.  No one learns from past mistakes. The rice pledging program was disparaged, so now they will offer electronic currency hocus pocus. Same methodology of using public monies to buy support.

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This silver spoon guy is living in la la senile I don’t know anything land. If he thinks a 600 baht minimum daily wage is good for the economy and Thailand then he believing in what his puppet master is telling him is way off showing intellect. This will tank businesses and be fully negative in being competitive against other countries. Most factory or businesses already pay a higher wage to those who are worth it, dependable and stay long time. Keeping employees is already hard to d and then get new ones.

Another Gem stinking to the high heavens. You seriously can not make this stuff up. An ex-con heroin dealer in a high power position as a leader in government I thought took the cake, but now we have a challenger running neck and neck. 

Article quote:

Leader of the Pheu Thai Party, Chonlanarn Sikaew, disclosed his plan to step down from his role as party leader, in line with his earlier commitment made during a debate. This commitment assured that the Pheu Thai Party would refrain from forming alliances with military-backed parties. Following his resignation, Chonlanarn is anticipated to take on the position of Education Minister.

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