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News Forum - Iraqi man arrested for overstaying in Thailand for nearly 15 years


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10 hours ago, palooka said:

Had one run in with one of these "would be if could be".

He found out that my wife has a higher reach, and respect, than he or those he reports to, will ever have.

Embarrassing sometimes now

Is you SAS though? 

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12 hours ago, Donald said:

Thailand must be the only country in the world where overstaying without engaging in criminal activities makes you look like a hard core criminal. Wonder what all the Thai's in all corners of the world overstaying and working illegally have to say about this .

The guy overstayed by 15 years


You have expats complaining in this thread about some of the steps they are made to take


Well these overstayers make it harder on all those expats doing it right 



All people who abuse their visas make it harder for people who do the right thing


I don't know how anyone defends that 

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10 hours ago, palooka said:

Thai Immigration Police are so wound up in their stupid 90-day reports etc etc, that are only punitive to the honest Expats who want only a quiet life, they have no time, no manpower, to actually go after the real breakers of their sometimes-inane rules.

Those 3 million plus expats that do the right thing here and contribute an estimated 35 billion baht to the Thai economy every year are treated like criminals.

How many thousands of hours are spent on 90 day reporting? It's not just the time to report, sometimes a few minutes if you have a sensible reporting officer, but that officer has to sign in even if only one expat  reports in 7-8 hours.

Sometimes wonder how this place survives with arse up rules.

Anyone ever found out where the ginormous warehouse is that receives those mountains of copies we submit every year? So big it probably has its own Province.

God forbid it have a fire. Would burn longer than hell.🤣

3,000,000?? 🤔🤔️ 

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48 minutes ago, Grumpish said:

Dunno, maybe if they get a cut of the fines? And a 15 year overstay at standard rates would one hell of a fine.

Maximum fine no difference 

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