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More places closed in new Chon Buri restrictions tonight


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This evening the governor of Chon Buri added to the growing list of Covid-19 restrictions and closures as infections swell in the province and around Thailand. As the province reports hundreds of new infections every day, safety measures and restrictions seem to be implemented nearly daily to attempt to curb the spread. Tonight’s restrictions closed all Chon Buri tourist attractions and shows, several work camps, as well as animal attractions, popular hangout spots and beaches. The Chon Buri Public Relations office released a statement along with the governor’s order explaining that the locations specified for closure are areas where authorities […]

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yea not far away from total lockdown in all provinces i think 

There goes my trip i have been waiting for,, 16 months now :(

i returned to Sweden March30th last year 

yaya keep working and save the cash :() , hahaaa.


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1 minute ago, ozz1 said:

 but we are opening up to tourists in a few weeks what are they going to do  lol

Just have to wait and see what Messers Flip and Flop say I guess

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Question   The most important matter of concern to foreigners is how, where, when we can get vaccinations. Are you able to help provide some definitive information?

Yesterday you stated that Foreigners over 60 are able to get vaccinated at Bang Sue -you omitted to say that these foreigners had to live within the very close proximity of Bangkok-so no good for those who live in Chonburi for example. This fact is stated in your print version though.

What we do know:- Foreigners over 75 from anywhere in Thailand can get vaccinated  at Bang Sue-is there anywhere else? If so, where?

Foreigners over 60 can get vaccinated where, when? Not just foreigners in Bangkok.

I look forward to seeing, hearing your reply

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1. around 90 % of closed places, not have much people for months.
2. most thai people, wear mask, and almost all the time.
3. " virus " ( what ever this is ), not like hot " climate ", as in thailand. and
4. thai people are much healthier then westerns, at least in the past,
but some 100 000 are sick this year, and daily around 15 000,
because " infected " ( new cases of, pcr or rapid -test, tested people ) ?
5. people who still, believe ( what is never to know,
same when you read or hear science, because you never checked it by yourself ),
numbers on tv /T-ell a V-vision, with governments and ngo, with institutions,
must have a education out of school education, or a very good paid " job ".

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