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News Forum - Thai Ombudsman deems rejection of MFP leader’s renomination as PM as unconstitutional


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The Thai Ombudsman yesterday declared Parliament‘s rejection of Move Forward Party (MFP) leader Pita Limjaroenrat’s renomination as a prime ministerial candidate as unconstitutional. As a result, the case will be forwarded to the Constitutional Court for further review. This request followed a solution passed by the Parliament Assembly, which blocked Pita’s bid to become PM. … …

The story Thai Ombudsman deems rejection of MFP leader’s renomination as PM as unconstitutional as seen on Thaiger News.

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Of course the objection to the renomination process was BS; it wasn't a case of "Following Rules", it was a power-play by the appointed A*****s to demonstrate their power and put the MFP "in its place".

If Thailand/MFP-PT is to have any decent future, it has to stop tolerating these losers' powerplays and begin launching some of their own.

If the Senators don't want to endorse the will of the Thai people, then keep nominating Pita for the next ten months until the appointed losers are dismissed from office. Yes, that will ruffle feathers and likely will cause a bit of hardship for the average 'Somchai on the Street', but Democracy and Freedoms have to be fought for; these things aren't "given", they are earned.

If MFP and Pheu Thai give into the appointed losers now, they and their parties are toast and have lost the fight before any shots have been fired. On the other hand, MFP and PT have a demonstrated mandate from the Thai people on their side, and will never be stronger than they are right now.

It ain't rocket science. 

MFP and the PT have a mandate. The appointed losers don't. 

Fight now or forget it. 

Use it or lose it.

By the way, if the PT decides to go it with the 'Generals' parties, then everything horrible (but accurate) said of the Democrat party will apply to them as well. Non-Democratic, willing to cozy up to the Generals for power, don't give a Rats-Ass about the Thai people, etc., etc., etc. I am of two minds about the PT; I am not enamored by the Shin family, but do like that they rise to power legitimately. If the PT join the Generals, ALL moral arguments are lost and they are just another lot of scum-sucking tossers at the trough.

Finally, for those who say "Be careful or there will be a coup", I have one comment. I very much doubt that anything actually done by the two main parties would trigger a coup, but if it does, so be it; the generals are hated now. How do you think the Thai people will like them if they plunge Thailand into another lost decade?


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When the pond is stirred all the worms and leeches that are hiding under the mud of the pond will suface and can be removed easily....

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