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What apps do I need to put on the wife's new smart phone. I still haven't one, just the usual Nokia light brick.

This morning I have put on the Mor Chana one for her, is there anything else?.

 Main reason is I have a vaccine appointment in Bangkok in August and we need to travel down there and I am reading about QR codes, permission's etc.

I have watched a couple of youtube vids on apps but not sure how up to date they are with the current situation. 

We are in the south of Phetchabun province.

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I would say that Mor Chana is enough but probably not required.

I put Mor Chana on my iPhone shortly after it appeared, when Mor Chana and Thai Chana were all the rage . The reason being that Mor Chana needs no interaction from yourself while Thai Chana needs you to check in and out of stores, malls etc ( to be honest I’m not 100% sure if that is true but couldn’t get any decisive info ).

A quick look at my Mor Chana now tells me that I am very low risk presumably means I haven’t come in contact with anyone who is at risk ? First time I have looked at it in months .

I think these apps are pretty much extinct now, police checkpoints might pull you over based on your license plate so proof you have an essential reason to travel to Bangkok ( vax appointment snapshot ) is probably enough.

To enter the vaccination locale you may be required to scan a QR code but that can be done easily via the Line app.

On previous lockdowns a permission from City Hall for travel was required but not sure if that is now in place , hopefully someone can advise you .



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Thanks for the info, I think I have found what I was looking for.  If you plan to travel you register your journey on "covid-19.in thailand" web page. It is in English and Thai. You fill out the application to receive a QR code which you show when asked. At a checkpoint I guess.

My wife says we have to inform the Moo headman office before we go on the journey, and I am not sure what we do when returning to the house here......

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