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News Forum - Bank of Ayudhya predicts pivotal role of politics in Thailand’s economy


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In light of the current political climate, a division of the renowned Bank of Ayudhya suggests that the upcoming political decisions could significantly steer Thailand’s economy this year. This report highlights the pivotal role of swift administrative formation in stabilising the economy and buoying investor confidence. However, the prospect of an emerging minority government raises … …

The story Bank of Ayudhya predicts pivotal role of politics in Thailand’s economy as seen on Thaiger News.

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"core inflation currently registering within an acceptable range under the existing fiscal policy framework."

I do wonder how these people determine these things in Thailand.  

To all intents and purposes (in a closed banking system) they just do as they are told.  The true inflation figure is much higher than the 'powers that be' allow, and it will increase further (not officially) in the next few years.

Thanks to Pnut and Co efforts over these past 8 years and now the current Senate want to make things worse.

Why the senate? terrified the Thai people will learn the truth.

Keeping it very basic, over the past 4 years Pork prices have increased over 100%. Fuel prices have increased 80%. Not many places that those similar increases, decrease and the prices go down. 

Chuck in 2 years of other Covid repercussions (no tourist industry) and the costs involved in a Govt that was throwing money around buying Chinese subs without engines, aircraft carriers?, Plans to buy the best jet fighters etc in the world, (coincidental this is all to the benefit of P'nuts mates in the miltary and Senate) US$100,000 plus New years eve parties in Phuket, just for the stars of the show, and the list goes on and on.

Think a genuine financial audit of the Thai economy would terrify Thai and foreign investors, current and future. Hopefully the world bank has not gone to sleep here. Thailand needs a serious reassessment.

Very possible that foreign investment will totally disappear if there any political- unrest in the next six months, whilst the Thai private jet service starts working OT, flying to far and distant places relocating Hiso.

You'll be aware of the latter due to cloudless sky, dry air thunderclaps.

Cheeks of HiSo derrieres slamming shut. 🤣


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