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News Forum - Water crisis grapples Koh Samui as rising tourist demands amplify freshwater shortage


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Koh Samui, a popular tourist resort island in Surat Thani province, is grappling with a significant water crisis as declining rainfall and amplified water demands take their toll. Many of the water reserves on the island, such as the district’s Phru Na Mueang and Phru Krajud reservoirs, along with the renowned Hin Lard waterfall, have … …

The story Water crisis grapples Koh Samui as rising tourist demands amplify freshwater shortage as seen on Thaiger News.

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1 hour ago, Ramanathan.P said:

May be building the bridge bettween the island and main land will reduce the crisis....


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5 hours ago, cowslip said:


They add a pipeline to the infrastructure and pump suss water over. All water is suss in Thailand so probably best to bulk buy before going there.

Hire a taxi and a water truck and enjoy your two weeks stay. 

Probably a requirement for check-in in a few months' time.  No water truck no check-in. 😹

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1 hour ago, palooka said:

water truck

.A bridge from the mainland will only increase the number of visitors and traffic to the island and increase the burden on the water supply.

..and where do you think the water in the water truck would come from.

Bangkok water authority claim their water is safe to drink out of the tap. - no -one believes them.

It's also very difficult to achieve in a tropical climate even if the infrastructure was there.

However almost all hotels in Thailand have reservoir water tanks  - when the water supply is lost or cut off they then resort to tankered water. THe guests are unaware of this - unless they try to drink the water out of the tap as any claims of "safety" are blown out of the water!


Remember that the water supply is not just for drinking it is used for EVERYTHING - consumption, showers, gardens and sewage.

A lot of this ends up in the sea around Samui treated to varying degrees.

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