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News Forum - Thai woman trapped in Dubai seeking 100k ransom, desperate parents plead for help


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A Thai mother is pleading with authorities to help her 38 year old daughter, Kornkamon, who is being held captive in Dubai and forced to work to repay a debt. The daughter had travelled to Dubai to work since mid-April; however, her captors now demand a ransom of 100,000 baht. The tearful parent, 59 year … …

The story Thai woman trapped in Dubai seeking 100k ransom, desperate parents plead for help as seen on Thaiger News.

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Is it the same case or different case. There was a similar story in Thaiger just few days back. Anyway. will these Thai people learn from such alertness....I don't think so. They will still travel as tourists and work illegally in different country. Only will start screaming for help when get into trouble. They are their own trouble makers. 

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I don't believe for a minute she didn't know she was going to be working as a prostitute in a massage parlor. It's common knowledge that Thai women go to Dubai to work as prostitutes, and there have been so many cases in Thai news about this sort of thing. It's hard to believe an unskilled worker thought it was a legit job when they offered to pay for her visa and plane ticket and give her a very high salary.

What likely happened is she thought her clientele would be rich glamorous Dubai citizens and tourists, but when she arrived she was horrified to find out the actual clientele ranges from Indian workers to young Saudis and such, and the way they treat women is rough. So she wanted out.

Her employers paid a lot of money to get her a visa and bring her there. A month and a half of work won't cover that, so they want her to either keep working, or pay them enough to make it worth letting her go.

In any case - the ones paying for her mistakes shouldn't be the Thai public (government). It should be her and her family. This trend of parents begging to bring their children home after they made ridiculous errors in judgement is kind of like the GoFundMe beggars we see with British tourists who drive bikes with no license, no insurance, no helmet.

No sympathy for people who dug their own grave.


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