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No foreign tourists to arrive tomorrow, the first day of “Samui Plus” reopening


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20 minutes ago, TobyAndrews said:

Well I have asked you to point out where the tourist recovery plan, which you state offers Brits, but not tourists discounts.

I am sure you have pounded the keyboard by now to find an example and failed. So you were WRONG. 

No, I just can't be bothered.

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23 hours ago, PhayakPeter said:

Seems to take them forever to be logical 

Forever looks at its watch, thats fine I have all the time in the world--the lesson continues to be repeated...

Thais put hand in fire--Ow that hurts...cools down...puts hand back in fire OW!  ..cools down...(repeat)

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On 7/14/2021 at 4:14 PM, TobyAndrews said:

Judging by the ww2 they were involved in, they changed sides, when they saw which way the wind was blowing.

The second time was when the allies bombed Bangkok.

Suddenly they were western allies, but they did not tell the Japanese or they would have been  slaughtered.


Nice to see you back Toby.

All of the Asia countries attacked by the Japanese surrendered almost immediately including the Western controlled countries in Asia, British Singapore for example. There was no choice really.

Most of the European countries fell to the Germans within weeks except the UK.

Europe was then rescued during the remainder of the war once Russia built up its numbers including aeroplanes and tanks etc and took the countries back one by one while the rest of us looked on for a few years. About thirty million Russians died fighting the Germans, the other countries lost relatively few.

Once the USA was ready in 1944 we together mopped up the last few soldiers occupying Western Europe, the Russians had done 90% of the work themselves already in beating the Germans.

The USA then went on to free Asia one country at a time while we looked on. 

So Thailand like the rest of Asia had no chance against the Japanese. 


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