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News Forum - British and Korean men arrested for robbing cannabis shop in Pattaya


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Officers from Mueng Pattaya Police Station arrested a British and Korean man yesterday after they stole 175,000 baht from a cannabis shop in Pattaya on Saturday. Another suspect, an Irishman, is being questioned by police under suspicion of being involved in the robbery. The two thieves were identified as 47 year old Englishman Markus Powell …

The story British and Korean men arrested for robbing cannabis shop in Pattaya as seen on Thaiger News.

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It is ok to do such crimes if one is a tourists and their punishments would be very lenient, either a simple penalty of 500 baht fine or just apologies is more than enough. If really wanted to eradicate such incidences, just give them nice whacking in their butt so that they cannot sit for few days except lie down on their face down. Should the authorities need any training on how to execute the whacking, then they can approach the Malaysian Prison authorities for a training session. 

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Well, it seems to me that with the invasion of the "quality tourists" Thailand has got a massive violent crime problem at its hands. Phuket a no go zone dominated by the Russian mob. Indians are very "popular" as well in both HKT and Pattaya. And the Chinese...?!

A friend of mine left HKT in disgust after only one day. He then went to Samui jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. 

I don't think Pattaya is worth a comment.

There are other peaceful, beautiful places in TH. I wonder if they are in a majority or minority. Not to forget about the  health hazardous places. (BKK, the North and the roads)

Honestly, TH was great even in the above mentioned places, except Pattaya, during the lock down.

As I said to my wife, we are going to regret this bygone times. 


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These thieves should be wipped with rattan and leave a permanent scar on their butt.

They will remember for life and not step into the kingdom again.

I am sure they will be let go with a warning when they produce a thick brown envelope.😀

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