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News Forum - Phuket villager stumbles upon mother sea turtle laying 107 eggs


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A Phuket villager stumbled upon a mother sea turtle as she was laying 107 eggs. Sirinat National Park said in a Facebook post that the villager, Kriangkrai Dejom, found the mother turtle laying eggs on a beach near Sai Khu Bay at around 5am on Monday. The beach is located in the Sakhu sub-district of …

The story Phuket villager stumbles upon mother sea turtle laying 107 eggs as seen on Thaiger News.

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(photo from AP, link below)

It is both lovely and heart-warming to see stories like this; humankind has done so much damage to the planet and her life-forms that it is nice to see our species being helpful as well, if only occasionally. And, I have a special love for turtles based on decades-old guilt.

Way back in the day, I was doing some work on a remote Indonesian island and my colleagues and I had a day off. We rolled up to a bamboo' bar' around 9 AM and started drinking natural palm wine, direct from the tree. For those unfamiliar, the wine is drawn from the tree in the AM and PM, and naturally ferments as the day goes by. Yes, by 11 AM or so, we all had a good buzz on when the nice lady who owned the Bamboo Bar (read 'hut') asked if we were hungry and offered food. We all spoke the language, but none of us recognized what she was offering, but just said 'yes'. She came back twenty minutes later with bowls of rice, veggies and meat, but we didn't recognize the meat; however, it was truly delicious. It was one of the most delicious things that I have ever eaten. After a few minutes of drunken talk and lack of comprehension in a foreign language, she took us by the hand into her kitchen and showed us a large (18-24 inch?) turtle shell.


Yes, turtles are endangered and yes, one should never eat them, but... it was truly delicious and the local fishermen who had caught it weren't the cause of global over-fishing; they were in a canoe type boat and scooped it out of the sea.


The other reason that I love turtles so much is that they eat jellyfish, up to and including box jelly fish. and I am an ocean swimmer who goes for a dip literally every possible day.

And, by the way...

There is no truth to the rumour that turtles get high off of eating jellyfish; see link below.

Kudos to the Phuket lady who saw, but did not disturb, the turtle laying eggs. And, kudos to the Park Rangers who are assisting the eggs become full-fledged turtles; we humans ruin their natural breeding ground)s), so we humans have a responsibility to help them adjust.




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