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Got my vaccine appointment today for Astrazenica, BKK!


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Today I managed to make an appointment for a vaccination in Bangkok. Astrazenica. For free!  I have my appointment already next week on monday.

It's free, info on thailandintervac. Every morning from 9:00 to 12:00 this week you can sign up at https://phyathai2international.com/

I didn't believe that it could be done, but if you keep trying, it's possible.

At 8:45 I checked the website, but it already did not work. Then opened 2 browsers on 2 monitors, one with Chrome, the other Edge. Each with 5 tabs. I went from tab to tab,  refresh, refresh again and again.

At 9:15 am I could see the website, but the link to the google form was not there yet.

Moments later, the link to the google form was online.

Filled it in quickly. When I looked a minute later, the registration was already closed. So you have to be fast. But if I can do it, you can do it too ;-)  They have only 100 a day.

In the form they ask you for your name, phone, birthdate, address, passport number, visa type (tourist not allowed)  and some other things.



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Don't get too disheartened with this process. This is exactly what was going on in the US a few short months ago. I was in Bangkok trying to take advantage of the time difference (the vaccine appointments opened up in waves at inconvenient times for the US west coast but good times for BKK). HUNDREDS of appointments would fill in the same MINUTE they were announced. It still took me a couple of weeks to get through and get a shot booked. And that's only because I got lucky and got a text on my phone saying they had a small number of additional appointments opening up in 15 minutes.  Just keep trying. Think of it as your new hobby.

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well done Dimitri, after weeks of checking the website everyday I had pretty much given up hope so at least you prove it is up and running even if only for 100 people each day. 

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