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The best digital cameras to buy in 2021


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Whether you need a camera for creativity or you simply want to document your life, a digital camera can provide better photos and videos than your smartphone. A great camera offers numerous things that a smartphone can’t, such as optical zooming and the ability to swap lenses. Digital cameras are also equipped with physically larger sensors than smartphones, so they can produce more detailed images and can cope better in high-contrast and low light situations. In addition, digital cameras have better video resolution, strong battery life, slots for accessories, and many more. There are lots of digital cameras available out […]

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With today's technology, the quality of images one can get from top-of-the-line Smartphone cameras is truly amazing.  Top of the line smartphones also have excellent image processing functionality built in, which many digicams lack.  

Plus the convenience of carrying a smartphone typically exceeds that of the convenience of carrying a digicam. 

However when it comes to optical zoom, pretty much every digicam, bridge camera, and DSLR will greatly exceed that of a Smartphone camera.

In my case, I have an old Xiaomi-Mi-8 smartphone, which has a decent camera ... and for objects far away that need a zoom to see, I have a Nikon Cool Pix P900 bridge camera (not a DSLR) which has an amazing 83x optical zoom, with further zooms possible if one wishes to go to digital zoom.  The downside of my P900 is its relative large size, but typically I keep it in my Beach front condo, and use it to take amazing images of boats in Phuket, or of sunsets, or of the moon ...  For images where no zoom is needed, MANY cameras are superior to the P900.  Its when zooming at distances to take an image that the P900 'shines'.

Both the Xiaomi Mi-8 smartphone camera and Nikon Cool Pix P900 are old technology by year 2021 standards, but the same philosophy can be adopted if one wishes for year 2021, with newer generation of Smartphone cameras and Digicams.

I think a LOT depends on one's requirements ... ie how important is a zoom functionality?  For me at home (from my condo balcony looking over the sea) a zoom was very important. But when travelling about, having a zoom functionality was not so important.

Others likely will have very different requirements, and their requirements IMHO will shape their purchase selection approach.

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