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News Forum - New graphic shows Thailand on list of 10 countries with most ocean plastic waste


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A new graphic shows that Asian countries, including Thailand, are among the top ocean plastic polluters due to mismanaged waste. The graphic by Louis Lugas Wicaksono is based on data from a 2021 research paper by Dutch academic Lourens J.J. Meijer. The graphic shows a pie chart made up of plastic waste, labelling each country’s …

The story New graphic shows Thailand on list of 10 countries with most ocean plastic waste as seen on Thaiger News.

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It is heart-breaking to see that graphic; it really does not have to be this way and I have always found local people supportive of efforts to do better, if someone leads them.

I welcomed the ban on plastic bags by Tesco, Big C, Tops and the like, but sadly with the return of tourists comes the slow, creeping return of plastic. The worst part is that these shops could make a small effort, ask tourists if they would be willing to buy re-usable bags for 4 Baht (what I paid for mine) and I am certain the answer would be a resounding "YES!!!". Moreover, 7-11 made a real effort to get away from bags, but even there I see them creeping back in, and again when I chat with the staff they are more than willing to promote re-useable bags, but as they haven't been instructed to do so, they don't do it. Yes, it is a Thai thing. The worst offenders, in my little world, are the markets and the food-sellers, but even they are willing, if led. I make a point of bringing my own bags to markets and re-usable containers to food-sellers, and quite often I get given a discount without even asking; when I don't, I get a beaming smile and a little extra in my bowl. And, much to my amusement, the market ladies point me out to their friends sometimes "There is the BWG who carries his own Plastic!" Simply put, the locals like it and will help, if they see someone leading the way.

The point, at least in my little corner of Thailand, is that the locals love it when they see people try, but in a hierarchical society, they need to see the Big Boys do it first before they join in, and the Big Boys/High-Sos aren't doing their bit. 

So, slap a polluting High-So today!



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