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News Forum - Reinventing Prawit – a big softie after all


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General Prawit Wongsuwan, deputy prime minister of Thailand and leader of the Palang Pracharath Party, is going through a difficult transformation. Reinventing Prawit may take some time. Bear in the kitchen If ever a straight guy was in need of a queer eye, it’s the deputy PM.  Transforming “the watch guy” into an appealing product …

The story Reinventing Prawit – a big softie after all as seen on Thaiger News.

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It is hard to understand why any Thai would vote for Prawit or Prayut given their involvement with the 2014 coup. The educated Thais should feel shame and embarrassment that their country still has the politics of a 1950’s “banana republic”.  The rural poor should be outraged that their voice is hardly ever heard and when it is, the strong arm of the army crushes their hopes of change in a coup. And yet, millions will vote for these guys. It seems a song written by the PM or a cheeky photoshoot of them in a village in Issan is more appealing than their history or their policies. I guess that the fruit of the poor education system they oversee and nationalism they engender in to every Thai from a very young age is ripe. 

I may not like these people, but I do have to acknowledge that they are very crafty and clever people. Nice job! 

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