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News Forum - Thailand’s perilous roads claim the lives of 75 foreigners so far this year


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Thailand’s deadly roads have claimed the lives of 75 foreigners so far this year. A further 2,886 foreigners were injured, according to data from Thai RSC, an accident information centre. Foreigners getting into road accidents in Thailand regularly make headlines but many more go unrecorded by the media. Data recorded from January 1 – February …

The story Thailand’s perilous roads claim the lives of 75 foreigners so far this year as seen on Thaiger News.

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It is not a surprise to me. Most of the foreigners killed are moped riders and all those who died I am 100% sure did not have rider protective gears worn. Have the foreigners watched how the locals ride the moped? They will not ride more than 30 or 40km speed on the roads. Where as all these foreigners will speed through the traffic. I have personally witnessed it when riding in Thailand roads especially Pai and Chiang Mai. Thailand roads are very slippery and riders cannot use the rear break as it will skid the vehicle. Further the roads are also have deposit of leaking oil from heavy vehicles. It is not as easy as one think like watching the video and riding the bike in Thailand. Unless some strict control measures are introduced in the renting of two wheelers, this number will start growing further. 

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Umm. Sounds dreadful, which of course it is in total numbers, but not the 75 foreigners. let’s do the arithmetic….

75 out of 2099 is 3.57%

In the 6 weeks since the start of the year taking tourism, expats and foreign workers in the country equates to around 3 million. If we assume at any time there are just 40 million Thais driving on the roads, then foreigners equate to 7.5% of road users. So a fatality rate on the appalling Thai roads of 3.57% is a good result and perhaps due to the superior driving skills and road sense of most foreigners.

This has little or nothing to do with irresponsible foreigners and all to do with the crap roads and driving standards in Thailand overall. 

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