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Does everyone get a COVID vaccine


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I have friends working in Bangkok, they are illegals from Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam. How do they get their COVID vaccine without getting in-trouble from the police.

10s it thousands of illegals are in BKK and through out The Kingdom.

I hope the Government has a plan that  will protect all who live and work within it borders.

everyone has the right to the COVID vaccine, legals and illegals.

people are scared

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Your friends are the unseen work force who can not be acknowledged as they are not here legally and yet without them so many services would struggle to be provided. 

As you point out they can not register at any hospital or clinic for the vaccines and they can not become legal as the Government does not want them officially to have presence even though it openly admits they build it's cities and provide it's services.

I can understand they are scared as they live in conditions where covid thrives but they can't escape their housing as pay and paperwork limit their option. 

I wish I could offer a positive view on their current plight but I struggle to find one.

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Hi Gazmo, thanks for reply, sad but true, I am trying to talk my friends into going back home. I think COVID in Thailand will get worse. Many of my Thai friends are finding it hard to make ends meet as well. In the western world we complain about the smallest inconvenience through the Pandemic ( wearing a mask or The bottle shop is closed ) yet my Asian friends keep on pushing through seeing an  end, with very little complaint.

I am proud to have them as my friends.

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