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University of Chile Scientists’ Study Indicates Sinovac’s Vaccine Elicits More Transmissible & Potent Variant called Lambda


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University of Chile Scientists’ Study Indicates Sinovac’s Vaccine Elicits More Transmissible & Potent Variant called Lambda

Known effect of mass vaccination with leaky vaccines. Many doctors were warning about it, they got censored of course.
It's all by design


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 My oh my what will we have next on the mutated virus table due to the many of variables of element out there.

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It's incredible how they have blatantly distorted the facts. They cherry-picked phrases here and there at their own use.

It is clear for anybody who read (and understand) the article (here: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.28.21259673v1.full.pdf) that the Lambda variant escapes CoronaVac-elicited antibodies, not that the CoronaVac caused the formation of the Lambda variant. It's evident from this passage that 

"(our) results indicate that mutations present in the spike protein of the Lambda variant of interest confer increased infectivity and immune escape from neutralizing antibodies elicited by CoronaVac".

and not viceversa.

This statement on the news: 

"the CoronaVac vaccine could be correlated to a mutation, one that’s led to a more transmissible and potent mutant"

is stupidly false, and this:

"the investigators do speculate that there could be a result of this viral adaptation to the CoronaVac vaccine"

is even defamatory, since this is not even expressed anywhere in the article.

What the researchers advocated was that:

"massive vaccination campaigns in countries with high SARS-CoV-2 circulation must be accompanied by strict genomic surveillance allowing the identification of new isolates carrying spike mutations and immunology studies aimed to determine the impact of these mutations in immune escape and vaccines breakthrough"

This is criminal journalism.

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People get one dose of a crap vaccine, or even two and think it's ok to take off the masks, hit the clubs mingling, and indulge with  prostitutes- that's how Sinovac and Sinopharm, too  are contributing to variants.

And coming soon to a Thai province near you !! 

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A leaky vaccine is a vaccine in which only the symptoms of the disease are reduced or prevented, while infection of the host and the transmission of the virus are not inhibited by the vaccine. This changes the selection pressures acting on the pathogen population, allowing strains otherwise too 'hot' to propagate in immune-naive hosts to persist.


0:46 "As we increase the vaccination rates and most older people are vaccinated we will see breakthrough infections, and we'll start to see that actually in the end the majority of infections are in people who've been vaccinated, and that does not mean the vaccines don't work."
This is a leaky vaccine and they know it. 

1:03 "What we want to do is prevent hospitalizations and deaths, and the vaccines do that very effectively."
One wonders who 'we' is. The goal should be to drive the virus to extinction before it becomes endemic. This is also a dishonest statement as the PHE technical reports already show the majority of delta variant deaths are in the partly or fully vaccinated.

As described in the early posts of this channel, with the knowledge of the leaky vaccine phenomenon in mind, this will create a feedback loop in which stronger strains are cultivated in the vaccinated population, and the cost imposed on people that do not comply will increase over time as the circulating strains become increasingly virulent. It now seems increasingly they are doing this knowingly and openly. They never elaborate on the implications of this, even managing to talk perfectly around the subject while knowing what to omit. Predictably as the situation described unfolds, the narrative will continue to march on that the emerging variants are the product of the "ignorant" "selfish" uncompliant unvaccinated population who should shut up and "Trust the Science™", when the precise opposite is true. Then any unvaccinated deaths will be weaponized against the remaining resistant population with jeers of "he was an ignorant conspiracy theorist" and "he should have trusted us". 




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Your argument is general, whereas the impact of leaky vaccines depends on a combination of factors: type of pathogen, type of vaccine, type of host, and the relationship between the vaccination and the viral shedding. It's far more complicate than you present here, and it is not right to generalize this complex topic in such way. For example, in some situations leaky vaccines has the opposite outcome, helping to improve resistance for both vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. You can have a good example here: https://journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371/journal.pbio.3000619 for a chicken virus and the related leaky vaccine.

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